Capt. Steven “Shaky” Self

Born & Raised in Panama city, Florida Steven began his career in the fishing industry working on head boats out of captain anderson’s marina. After a few seasons of commercial fishing with local legend Capt. Buddy Lee, Steven began charter fishing. The captain Lee, New beginning, and great escape were home for a 10 year deep sea fishing career.

Like most in the fishing industry, Steven pursued educational opportunities as a Captain/deckhand at the Naval Diving Salvage Training Center in Panama City while he upgraded to a 200 ton master captain’s license. To advance further, he transferred to Edison Chouest offshore, and completed courses such as: radar observer unlimited, advanced firefighting, medical care provider, first aid/cpr certification, flashing lights course, helicopter underwater egress training, bridge resource management, environmental awareness course, marine rigger course, vessel personnel designated with security duties, Able Seaman Limited, personal survival techniques, and more. MIT NAv school in Panama City, Fl has also been a huge part of his success.

Like all good stories of the heart, you can’t keep this guy away from true love. For the last 3 years he’s been living the dream running the Killin’ Fish out of Treasure island Marina.

In 2018 he and his wife made their dream come true and bought the doghouse who’s home port was in Port St. Joe, Fl.


Mary Beth

Originally from Athens, Georgia Mary Beth grew up on charter boats following her dad Capt. Randall Akins. She began working as a deckhand, and sat for her captain’s license when she was a junior in High school.

Shortly after, she met Steven at the Bay Point Billfish Invitational Tournament. She swore she’d never talk to his obnoxious self again but he hit her up on myspace and 8 years after a semi-terrible first date they got married : )

Although fishing is in her heart, Mary Beth pursued a degree in Studio art with concentrations in photography and ceramics. After studying abroad at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Skopelos, Greece Mary Beth returned to florida and started her own photography business, Love Mary Beth Photography.

Not one to shy away from big goals, she jumped at the chance to own a charter boat, especially with Steven at the helm.


What’s up with the name Seawolf?

Some things are just meant to be.

It’s our name!

The Surname SELF comes from the Middle English personal name Saulf, Old English Swulf, composed of the elements ‘sea’ + wulf ‘wolf’.

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